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Fiction Films works with clients and agencies on projects and pitches to develop new ideas or refine existing ones. Ideas emerge as sparks, which must be nurtured if they are to achieve their full potential. We start with the concept, and if you like, we develop it further into a treatment and a script, which we visualize with styleframes, a storyboard, animatics and/or ripomatics. We can support you in all areas of the creation and ideation phase of a film project.


Coming up with an original concept is a critical first step for creative development. Without it, we have nothing. We can develop new concepts for you or we can help you shape your ideas into engaging concepts. It’s your call.


Everyone loves a good story. And we love telling them. A written treatment is the next step in fleshing out the chosen concept and helping you visualize it. At this stage, we tell the story in its simplest form.


Now, we go into detail. We start by understanding what drives you and your customers. We develop a script that covers everything from voice-over copy, text supers, directing notes, camera work and set design. This is the blueprint of every film project.



A storyboard is a visual representation of the events in the form of drawings or pictures, as they will be seen later through the camera lens. This helps the director and cameraman better understand how the film plays out and helps them identify potential problems early on. It also helps estimate costs and saves time. On set, the storyboard is a visual anchor for the cast and crew.



Nothing is more exciting than a fresh start. Whether it’s about developing concepts or the voice of a brand or the look and feel of film and animation, every project gets our full attention. We love to visualize ideas with styleframes, mood boards, and storyboards, so you get a good idea of what to expect.




Beyond the storyboard, at this satge you get the best look and feel for what your film will be like. We create mood movies, called Ripomatics, edited from scenes in existing films and commercials, that convey how your film will be.


For animated films or high-end post-production, we also create animatics to give a better idea of how the motion and timing works. The entire film can be visualized with 3D animation. This way a director, cameraman or VFX supervisor can experiment with various film design options such as camera positioning, movement and lighting. Also, music, sound effects, and narration can be added to test how image and sound work together. So, as a client, film production and you can work out lots of shooting/animation-related issues up front and reduce problems in advance. An animatic helps focus on the essentials, avoid unnecessary scenes, plan better to make shooting and/or post-production more efficient. So you don’t waste time or money.