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Part film school, part communication camp, and a whole lot of fun. That’s the Fiction Films Workshop. We work with our clients, with and without advertising agencies, product specialists and project partners on film assignments. If there’s a script on the table, we’ll develop it into a treatment. If not, no problem. We’ll brainstorm story and script ideas.
We‘ll create a world in which our film will play and define milestones. Also, our experts will answer your questions about film, animation and the changing, social media landscape. Just so you know, there will be a lot of Post-It Notes.



They say too many cooks spoil the broth. But only if they’re all the same kind of cook. When you bring specialists from different styles and kinds of cuisine to cook a five-course meal in the same kitchen something quite different happens. For best results, consider all aspects and details of a new project from a variety of perspectives. Interdisciplinary teams and, depending on the project, external practitioners can provide the perspective your project deserves.
In essence, it’s about is expanding your bubble, looking over the edge of what you thought was possible and doing things differently than usual. Sticking to the same old script just because “you always do it that way” doesn’t fly. Film is evolving. Everything is getting faster. But here’s the good news. We have the opportunity to keep up here. With the addition of something new, we may se past the old structures and discover completely new brand messages and target groups. This is one of the many advantages of the interdisciplinary approach.

Fiction Films‘ Workshops deliver concrete results. Often, it‘s here that ideas go from good to great. Workshops set the foundation for a close collaboration by getting everybody on board from the beginning. Nobody feels left out. A film project is always an adventure. To make sure it’s the good kind we bring various stakeholders to the table, listen to the needs and expectations of each department, and then set the direction for the project, together, as a team. This saves a lot of coordination later.



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