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Our film production operates worldwide. Budgeting. Planning. Casting. Location Scouting. Rotation. VFX supervision. Service production. Everything you need to keep the film running smoothly. Under one roof.


Filmmaking is fun and exciting enough. Film budgets shouldn’t be. We believe in one .xls file to rule them all. We keep a close eye on a structured budget so you can achieve outstanding results on screen and behind the scenes. We use industry-standard budgeting methods and always find ways to negotiate the best deal for your project. We know our numbers. You can trust us on that.


The best planning is never seen. When you think ahead, you don‘t have to worry later. We are here for you in your time of nee, even if it’s the middle of the night. If there‘s still a question that keeps you awake, call us, and we‘ll talk about it. We plan every phase of your production. Pre-production, production and post-production are part of our holistic process. We make sure that you have a dedicated contact person at every step.


One of the most important parts of every film is who tells the story. Casting is critical. Close your eyes and think of any movie you love. It’s always the faces you remember. For this reason, we work with the best partners and agencies to find the right people for each project. No matter how big. No matter how old. No matter where.



With an international location database and a professional team of creative scouts, we can deliver your dream location in almost every country in the world. Mountains, roads, beaches, cities, you name it. Sometimes that means, we need to turn Paris into Argentina, or Berlin into Prague. The location is the filmmakers’ biggest trick. It never gets old.



As an international film agency, we offer you everything from one source, without compromise. In addition, you can decide for yourself how much you want to be involved, from conception, locations or even in front of the camera. Feel free to get in touch with our film production.