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Editing. 2D / 3D animation. Motion graphics. Compositing. Coloring. We‘ve been doing it for years. And we have a way of always made it look great.


The film truly comes together in the edit suite. Here we can sift through and rearrange the scenes and emotions that we shot. Add music to the mix and you get the first real feeling for the finished piece, while enjoying a fantastic cappuccino. Always served with a smile. We like making you happy.



Nothing is impossible with animation. With full flexibility down to the smallest detail. The imagination knows no limits. And we love to bring all the possibilities to light. What do you want us to animate? A robot, an automobile, or something that does not exist yet? Maybe a touch of surrealism? Photorealistic or stylized? We set it in motion in 3D and 2D animation.



Explanatory films, title sequences, logo animations, typography and infographics all come under motion graphics. We create innovative new designs, on request, to bring your product or brand into sharper focus. We combine audio, video, photography, illustration, animation and other visual effects to communicate your message in an emotionally compelling manner. It could be simple, cool or crazy. But it will always be optimal.


You can do almost everything these days with visual effects. Integrate something into footage so that it looks like it has always been there? Remove something as if it had never been there? Make 3D animation look photorealistic? No problem. In compositing, we‘re able to manipulate every pixel of the image and merge several elements into a coherent overall picture. In the end, it doesn‘t matter how the final image is created. All that matters is that it‘s the perfect illusion.


Add some green. Make it a little darker. Maybe a bit more yellow. You can redesign nature if you want. Sit with us through color correction and you‘ll see the world differently. Nothing will be the same. With digital color correction, we can paint every pixel and process every aspect of the film in post. So you can create different moods for different stories simply by adjusting the colors.