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By 3. July 2022 News

After we started with the first data driven moving image campaigns for FUJITSU in 2020, we have now reached a point that shoots us into a new dimension. Our customers realize how effective our strategies and implementations are for online performance. Interpreted as a sales tool, we ensure measurable conversions – from online product sales to dealer visits.

Today we can announce two new, great projects: We are responsible for the first data-driven online campaigns for WMF and MERCEDES-BENZ VANS in 2022.
We would also like to thank FUJITSU, EXONE and UNITEDPRINT, who trusted our approach from the very first second and who have walked the path of data-driven campaigning with us very successfully. Here are three examples from us:

1. B2B & B&C data-driven commercial campaign for EASYPRINT

2. B2B data-driven image film campaign for EXONE

3. B2B data-driven commercial campaign for FUJITSU – Work-Kife-Shift

We look forward to further projects… maybe with you!
Just call 01778563366 or send us an email:!

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