Our data-driven campaign for Easyprint resulted in a significantly higher registration rate for new customers.

n the run-up, we analyzed the Easyprint target groups on the basis of data and were thus able to identify three relevant, product-related and purchase-oriented target group clusters. They then had to be addressed individually. A highly efficient sales tool was developed through the relevant target group cluster films!

The entire content was recorded in two days of shooting in Barcelona, ​​both for the classic image films and the data-driven variants. The campaign is extremely successful and leads to the desired registrations on the Easyprint portal.

Here is the output of the entire project:

B2B and B2C / Image Film & Data Driven Video Ad Campaign / je 7 Assets
  • 1 x Commercial 0:48min
  • 3 x Awareness-Spots je 0:25min to increase brand awareness
  • 1 x Conversion-Spot 0:28min to increase registrations at Easyprint
  • 1 x Retargeting* via a reminder spot 0:06min

*  Retargeting, often referred to as remarketing, is an online marketing tool. Internet users who have visited a specific website or clicked on a specific product are addressed with targeted advertisements on their way through the web.

1. The campaign started with building awareness. 3 variants each at product level for B2B & B2C:

B2B / WERBEMITTEL 0:25min/ Über 60.000 Views aus der definierten Zielgruppe

B2B / PRINT 0:25min / Über 63.000 Views aus der definierten Zielgruppe

B2B / DIGITAL CONTENT 0:25min/ Over 57,000 views from the defined target group

B2C / DIGITAL 0:25min / ver 97,000 views from the defined target group

B2C / FOTO 0:25min / Over 70,000 views from the defined target group

B2C / FEIERLICHKEITEN 0:25min / Über 63.000 Views aus der definierten Zielgruppe

2. Then a B2B and B2C variant was produced and placed for the consideration phase:

B2B / 0:28min / Über 71.000 Views aus der definierten Zielgruppe

B2C / 0:28min / Over 153,000 views from the defined target group

3. And finally a 6-second variant B2B and B2C for the conversion phase:

B2B / 0:06min / on Air

B2C / 0:06min / on Air

Convinced of our data-driven output? We have now been able to run the Easyprint campaign for almost a year because of its great success. Both on youtube and via addition on the programmatic page. Unitedprint has thus achieved more than the desired subscriptions from new customers – so the campaign became a sure-fire success.

You want to know more? Just call: +912 704-0663 oder email: th@fictionfilms-usa.com

And then we produced an image film for Easyprint as an add-on:
B2B “Start your business now” & B2C “Just design everything”.

Rarely have we used the filmed footage so efficiently and in such a versatile way. You can only do that if you develop a clean strategy in advance and use it to create various target-oriented films or animations that take advantage of the relevant signals from the target groups. If two image films come out of the shot material, then you can see how you can produce more value!

B2B / Imagefilm 0:48min / non paid / for social media

B2C / Imagefilm 0:48min / non paid / for social media