If you do something, then do it right!” We have devised this motto for ExOne as the credo for our new image film “Make it right!”. We developed and implemented this complex project from beginning to end. The final film is a combination of 3D animation and live-action. Thanks to our data-driven moving image strategy on LinkedIn and Youtube, the film is going through the roof in the B2B area. After just 3 days we broke through the 100,000 mark with a very focused target group clustering.

A great job that will continue to fuel this data-driven film format that Fiction Films has committed itself to.

Client ExOne
Production Fiction Films
Director Thomy A. Heinelt
Writer Kapil Kachru
EP Johannes Nörr
Producer Thomy Heinelt
DOP Jasper Techel, Jeff Garton
Edit Thomy Heinelt
Compositing Marius Jerschke
3D Dennis Weyel
Coloring Marius Jerschke