We just wrapped up two productions for Mercedes-Benz Vans in Latin America. For the Argentinien market, we shot a product film showcasing the new Sprinter Tourer. The goal was to demonstrate the versatile use of the van and highlighting the van’s features. The viewer gets an impression of the daily routine of a driver transporting various passengers. The exciting city of Buenos Aires served as a backdrop. We had some bad weather during the production, but thanks to a terrific crew, great cast and a super client we pulled through without a scratch. See for yourself, looks like sunshine all the way through.

Client Mercedes-Benz Vans
Production Fiction Films
Director Thomy A. Heinelt
Writer Kapil Kachru
EP Johannes Nörr
Producer Mariano Avellaneda
DOP Eduard Herr
Edit Thomy Heinelt, Marius Jerschke
Compositing Marius Jerschke, Joshua Rutt
3D Thomas Lauterjung
Coloring Marius Jerschke
Sound FX We Are Modular